Thursday 10 May 2012

A picnic with The 2 Bears

If you go down to the woods today you sure are in for a surprise: two bears are having it large, and transforming the relaxed limbs of mother nature to the pulse raising dance floor of a disco so addictive Noah would have regretted erasing it from the architectural plans of his Arc, in sacrifice for food and water storage.

Formed in 2009, and storming the music world with spine bending remixes of new and popular singles, this twosome provides the perfect blend of beats so tasty that you cant resist another bite of the sandwich filled with hyper electronic twitches, spread just like butter over the upbeat harmonies, and flavoured with a cheeriness so camp it would make louie Spence sneer. This band uses ingredients from many musical genres, for example, Indietronica, Garage, Rave, and Alternative Dance maing it ultimately impossible to avoid dancing to. The taste is so zesty in your mouth it tingles in your jaw and sends melodic fluxes deep in to your veins, causing long convulses to transpire from your body in hasty kicks, and enabling your body to submit to the tunes, like a puppet hung vulnerably beneath their masters string. This band puppeteers your dance moves, and you have no choice but to go along with it.

With one half of this group, Joe Goddard, already enjoying success with one of my favourite electronic bands; Hot Chip, it is no surprise that when combining talents with club promoter and DJ Raf Rundell, he produces yet another masterpeice. With the golden hands in which only a true angel of music could deliver, it seams that all this guy touches tuns to Gold; Not forgetting Goddard's continued involvement in the Graoco-Roan party collective, and his co production of Little Boot's latest album. Goddard and Rundell saturated together in a mutual love for sultry seductress Sade, and have even covered her hit 'When Am I going To Make A Living?" in a bow to her influence.

With a theme tune adorned with gut shivering Synth licks, Red Riding Hood would no doubt be bouncing around the woods to, they had to come up with an image to suit their reassuringly upbeat music, so why come up with The 2 Bears? "I have been called a bear by many people over the years" claims Goddard "not because of my sexuality, but simply my physical appearance" amplifying Goddard's appearance of a cuddly bear, and accentuating the happiness this team evokes from their listeners, not only from the stress reducing fist pumps and air kicks the tunes ignite in your body, but the happiness that elopes all over you body from the beautifully husky whispers of Goddard and Rundell, and that is why you need to listen to the work of these guys.

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