Wednesday 2 May 2012

Où est Daft Punk?

Two french lads decide to hook up and create sweet music together. Sounds pretty kinky, but in all seriousness what they have cultivated is only one of the most defiantly wonderful music duo's to storm the house music frontier in the 1990's and to remain a highly ranking phenomenon, haunting the Synth-pop world, and leaving fans everywhere begging for their songs to be played 'one more time'.

Inscribed on the lid of Tutankhamen's grave is the story behind the creation of Daft punk: A group of music loving robot-aliens decided that Earth needed shaking around a little, and in their bid to wake all those sleepy zombies up from their simmering frustrations of routine, hot coffee's and cold breezes, they sent two of their freshest 'technologic'-al geniuses to mix things up. Ok, that's not really true, and it's probably not the real reason why Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and Thomas Bangalter bubble beneath the small surface of their leather outfits, and the mysteriously ominous helmets, but who cares, they make ruddy good music! If anything, it adds to the mystery hovering around the story of Daft Punk, an addiction in which you try tirelessly to feed with the music spawned from these superhuman masterpieces, in the hope that one day you might learn just how two average guys transformed overnight in to robots, emmiting electrifying currents in to the submissive ears of their followers, frothing at the mouth in their fixation of musical pleasure.

Regarded as a defining influence for the French House music scene, Daft Punk credit inspiration from bands such as The Beach Boys, Elton John, and The Rolling Stones, expressing a shared admiration for rock bands, and highlighting the importance of those growls, and licks of the guitar regularly evident in the duos music. When questioned about his passion for music Bangalter has expressed that "In Brian Wilson's music you could really feel the beauty— it was very spiritual. Like Bob Marley, too." Showing the intense effect intended to overpower your body in his music, which it certainly succeeds in doing.

When listening to Daft Punk I find myself submitting to my inner robot, and bending my cold steel arms in time with the excited punch of the symbol jumping around the copper tasting voices echoing the foreground of 'Harder, Better Faster' and striding with the overpowering thuds of my magnetic feet with each swing of the metal brushing against the elegantly confident riffs of 'Robot Rock'. With the help of this frog eating duo (and the assistance of the coma inducing visual effects) you are transported in to a fantasy world of fluorescent lights stretching over the atmosphere, and kissing your bare skin, cooling it from the hot sweat you have cultivated under the heat of mars, infatuated with the music tended to lovingly by the robot hands,and born from the speakers. It is hard to ever want to return back to Earth.

With many tributes to Daft Punk; From Coca-Cola bottles designed by Daft Punk themselves, and sold under the name of Daft Coke in France for a brief amount of time, to animated appearances of the robotic duo on Cartoon network, it is evident that these french fries have certainly worked up an appetite in their fans. So what I want to know is, where have they got to? Yeah, producing music for acts such as Pharell with his smooth-talking 'Hypnotize U', and the ultimate soundtrack for movie 'Tron: Legacy' may be all well and good, but our ears are twitching for more. Where art thou Daft Punk? Come back to Earth!

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