Thursday 10 May 2012

Get Some Fizz with Scru Fizzer

Bubbling under the simmering cesspit of the Underground Grime Scene is a weapon threatening to break down the weakened concrete of zombie like pigeon holed acts, and leading the army of pure raw British music. Scru Fizzer can carbonate the most neutral of water components with his words that fizz angrily at the back of his throat, ready to throw rhyming spits at anyone standing in the way of his domination of poetical strength and powerful accentuation of versus.

This West London producer and MC is so talented, that his incredibly fast flows, otherwise known as 'Skippy Flows', have caused confusion with fellow MC'ers and fans who have struggled to understand his words when he has performed. In retaliation, he released "Spit Slow" where he performed at a slower rate than usual, and of which was produced by Skeamz, was popular with listeners of Kiss 100 with DJ Logan Sama.

This guy not only identifies current problems of the British society, but he also expresses his lines with popular hits that incorporate his arguments, and is a nod to the fans of such singers he quotes, widening his fan base. A clever tactic, and also great to hear a bit of Drake after Ed Sheeran in the expressions of such a distinctive Grime act, he has also released an alternative production of "That's Not My Name" by Indie Pop band the "Ting Tings" showing the variety of flavour ScruFizz uses.

Scru Fizzer has featured on SB.TV, also known as SmokeyBarz, of which is a musical platform for popular Urban Acts, and is the gun that propels these prodigal bullets in to the enemy of a commercialised abyss, ready to destroy the neutralisation of music, and spray some life in to the music scene dominated by American Zombies. As warned by many current magazines, including Flavour, Avenue and many more, this guy is definitely someone to look out for, stealthily hiding beneath the shadows ready to sniper those fake electronically aided singers down, and open more doors for the truly proficient.

Having provided mix-tapes with Dizzee Rascall on tracks such as "Guts n Glory", and his collaborations with signed artists such as Marger and Kozzie, this guy is spreading like a rash, and you won't be wanting the treatment.

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