Wednesday 11 April 2012

Fit for a Prince

Have you ever had the overpowering urge for chocolate? I mean that unavoidable tingle screaming for the milky cocoa melting in your mouth? That feeling of intense satisfaction filling you up and enticing a warm smile stretching over your face, the velvety liquid dancing around your mouth voluptuously releasing endorphin's into your body. An immediate rush of delight drifting through your mood. Your legs shake at the unforgettable taste bathing in your mouth, and your attention focused on every inch of the party of tastes pirouetting around your tongue. This sound familiar? Well it should, if you have ever had the pleasure of listening to Prince, he has middle aged women everywhere quivering like a chocoholic getting their fix of the desired truffle.

Introducing a man who has single-handedly seduced thousands of women at just the riff of his patent purple guitar. Who would have thought that a man wearing heels, and eyeliner would produce such a flutter rippling through armies of females at his mercy?

Born Prince Rogers Nelson on 7th June 1958, to a pianist father and a Jazz singing mother. His mother of whom chose the name because she wanted him to do everything she asked of him. Little did she know it would be the name echoing from the reddened lips of adoring female fans everywhere in a matter of years. Prince wrote his first song aged 7 on his fathers piano, just highlighting his budding flare for music at such a young age.

To date, Prince has sold over 80 million copies of his releases worldwide, has won seven Grammy awards, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. Prince has even introduced a new breed of sound into the music industry in his musical reign, thus being that of the 'Minneapolis sound', a delicious desert containing ingredients such as funk, rock, pop, R & B and New Wave, that has opened the door for many artists to experiment and succeed with.

Prince is known for his androgynous behaviour, showing traits both masculine and effeminate to create the perfect blend of beauty and sexual freedom, highlighted in the sensual growls of his guitar purring along to his high screams, or his deep soulful murmurings. This guy had virginal roses blushing and humping posters of him sprawled over their bedroom walls, clad in hardly anything but makeup. He is the definition of lust for many men and women everywhere.

As a child I used to watch Prince strut around the stage in his stiletto's, and lavender suits in amazed intrigue, listening to my mother whisper her unconditional love for him. Now I have inherited that love, for the powerful message of passion, rage, and frustration his music resonates. The perfume of sexuality pulses around his albums still, and will linger for years to come. From the seductively heartbreaking vocal dips of 'The Beautiful Ones' to the skin tickling teasing's of 'kiss', you can almost feel the moisture of his lips on your skin, Prince's voice crawls into your bones and tickles the back of your neck. Prince provides fans of all ages with an endless list of sweat inducing guitar solo's, romantic cries of affection and frustration, and air punching drum kicks that remain timeless.

Following controversy surrounding copyright issues, Prince changed his stage name to a symbol that fans could not pronounce, combining the symbols of both a male and female, dubbed The Love Symbol. Not only showing Prince's focus on love, passion and lust, but his wish to ensure no pronunciation categorized him as an artist, and his work.e only wishes to be known as a symbol of love, that is pretty amazing, no?

As someone who delights in mysteriousness and intrigue, this only stimulates my interest in Prince, or any other names he may call himself, it is what any artist should aspire to be, undefinable, individual, and evermore beautiful.

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