Monday 12 March 2012

Soley A Dream

Outside the sky is alight with the glow of the sun stretching out among the blue landscape, your skin tingles in delight at the reassuring warmth eloping from the big yellow ball, everything glitters in the backdrop of beauty highlighted by the angelic rays. The grass beneath your toes tickles your bare skin playfully, your lips still sticky from the refreshing ice lolly you have just finished, everything seams better in the sunshine, All your worries evaporate in the heat and float away into the distance. What will you be listening to when all this happens? Why, Soley of course.

This Icelandic songstress echoes sounds of Swedish singer song writer Lykke Li, however, Soley stands her own ground with the natural instrumentals, and melodies containing notes not dissimilar to the playful chantings of a xylophone in a children's song, ensuring the songs upbeat hummings.

The harmonies Soley instills into her music is reminiscent of children's folk songs, injecting the playful colours of youth, and energy within the slow keys of the piano. The piano is a key force within Soley's work, creating a doorway to another realm with the dreamy tiptoes of the high notes in 'About Your Funeral', 'Pretty Face', and 'I'll Drown', and the heavy thuds of sleepy stretches within 'Read Your Book'. The world in which the earthy combination of sound and lyrics of Soley's work summons you into a sleep like state, reflecting the heavy warmth creeping up on you under the gentle rays of the sun. In her own words, Soley explains how 'All of the lyrics are like this. Dreamy, surrealistic and in their own world — so analyzing the lyrics is for the listeners to make up their own world!'. So close your eyes, breathe in the fresh air, and inhabit the earthy tones within your bones, stretch, and relax your body, tickled by Soley's soft voice. Find your escape, find your own world, enhanced by the confused mutterings within 'Smashed Birds, and take advantage of a temporary loss of sanity. Find your parallel world, and let Soley take you there.

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  1. I Love Soley and I love your Blog!
    And I think you would really like Sturle Dagsland! A beautiful Norwegian artist!