Tuesday 6 March 2012


According to Lana Del Rey and her debut album, we were Born To Die, grim thought, but this album is definately something to listen to before your expiration date is due. This delicious mix of blonde curled licks, sassy red nail varnished mutterings, and the eloquent warmth of gentle whiskey tasting whisperings. Lana Del Rey is reminiscient of the original American sex symbol; before Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian were even a star in their parents eyes, I'm talking about Marilyn Monroe stuff here.

Is it me or does Rey resemble an early Monroe (pictured above)? She certainly has a thing for classy women, as she refers to herself as a 'self styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra'.

Rey breathes her classy essence effortlessly with the romantic and capturing strikes of the violin and patriotic beats of drums sending your body into a march of adoration. Beautiful lyrics and tasty metaphors adorn each song on this album with Lana's Contralto hummings stretch to the back of your ears and whistle down your chest.

With the sleepy harps serenading you in Video Games, catchy verses in Off to the Races and vocal ranges screaming for stadiums in Born To Die, this album leaves the listener feeling sophisticated, infatuated and itching for more of Rey's butter kissed voice to spread all over their current mood. Dark, gothic monotones haunt the undertones of Rey's lyrics, telling tales of heartbreak, death and alcoholism, but in a sarcastically sweet way in which only Rey succeeds in.

It is interesting to note the wide binaries of Lana Del Rey's influences, for example; Kurt cobain, Britney Spears, and Elvis Presley are all completely different sounds to one another, but this only intensifies the world in which Rey inhabits. Listen to this album, and you will be transported in to a world where the gentle 'Rey's' kiss you hard on the smooth skin, the seducing presence of perfume lingers on the edge of your nose teasing you in to the blue rippling water, and the irresistible mystery of Carmen is only an inch away... this album is a dark paradise to be indulged in.

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