Monday 27 February 2012

The only way is Depeche Mode

Close your eyes, feel the sweet taste of need on the tips of your tongue, the sweat pulsating on your forehead like a helpless vessel, your body a slave to the melodic sounds of eloping echoes deep into your eardrums in the darkness of your room. You lose all touch of yourself in the sensual glow of your candles, just dancing, dancing like a snake hypnotized by the notes of the flute. The song finishes, and silence screams like the bite of coldness at your skin in a breaze alien in the warmth. You need to replay the song, you need to hear his voice again, that growl like mustard on your lips, the gentle stroke of the synths easing you in to your demonic state like an alcoholic and their vodka, those spine shivering piano keys throbbing in your ears. This is Depeche mode, and this is a drug.

Nothing can replace the teeth clenching feeling of musical pleasure once you have heard the baritone purrs of Dave Gahan, the musical notes lulling you in to a daydream is courtesy of the musical God that is Martin Gore, the brains behind many of Depeche Modes biggest hits, and, if you are as passionate about synths as I am, just one listen of this bands songs will leave you in want of filling every possible silence with the reassuring licks of 'Enjoy the silence' 'Never let me down' or 'Black celebration'. Take a swim into the dark world of Depeche Mode with songs such as 'Blasphemous Rumours' where the dose of synthesisers is almost too much to handle, and the beat of those drums punching your chest into involuntary fluxes. Gahan's mutterings adding to the gothic element of a beautifully evoking song. If you are as enthusiastic about Dave Gahan's unique dance moves as I am, you will also be left salivating at the video for this record (he also has leather pants on!).

In a society that owes many of its (barely pleasurable) covers, with over 100 million singles and albums sold worldwide, in my opinion Depeche Mode is still kept dusty on the shelf, forgotten and ignored in a world so fast and in haste that they have forgotten the honey like aftertaste of good music. With 'pop music' in this time and age consisting of the moans of hunky but barely talented Jason Derulo, and his latest heartbreak and the chauvinistic mutterings of a sleazy looking Pitbull leaving me ashamed and self hating after listening, similar to the rush of guilt in which the pubescent teenage boy feels after scouring the latest babe magazine with tissue in hand.

Formed in 1980, blessing us for thirty years and counting, Depeche Mode have had forty eight songs in the UK singles chart, and twelve top ten albums in the UK charts, two of which debuted at number one. Who would have thought that a handful of Essex lads would be so succesful? Ignore this mind numbing stereotype of the ideological Essex zombie, put on a pedestal by ITV, this just shows that Essex is not a one string instrument. Crowned by Q magazine as 'The most popular electronic band the world has ever known' and crowned in my own heart as one of the most emotionally engaging synth bands to have truly created every song to fit with my own mood, I have yet to find a negative aspect to any of Mode's songs, and I believe I never will.

Already weakened by the gentle brushes of synths, the strokes and scratches of the guitar riffs serenade me into a comatic state of euphoria, with the sumptuous voice of Gahan kissing my ears,Depeche Mode strips me of my stresses, and covers me with a warm blanket of that honey aftertaste I was telling you about. Good music.

So lets not forget a band that has influenced many big bands of today, for example; The Pet Shop Boys, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, The Bravery, and many more, touching on the lives of everyone who listens, with their captivating provocativeness and leaving your ears ringing in submissive addiction.

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