Wednesday 11 April 2012

I saw a Ghostpoet

After a hard days scratching the back of your head in frustration, hours of watching the general public in confusion, plastic smile tattooed on your tired face, one needs to find the perfect solution to winding down into a sleepy state. A state where you can cast away all your displaced fears and worries for a while, relax, sit back and let life annoy someone else for a change. If it is a real outlet for your financial struggles, geographical itches, and other such niggles floating around your head, let Ghostpoet extract them and send them packing with his sleepy wisdom.

This isn't any ordinary rapper from the bustling streets of London, he self produced his first album, and stresses that his music is 'not about the technical side of it, making sure everything’s perfect in that respect; it’s about the feeling of it, the emotion.'(2011). This is evident in Ghostpoet's music, otherwise known as Obaro Ejimiwe, he provides an anthem for those with stinging eyes to shut their heavy eyelids, lower those clenching shoulders and ease themselves into his hauntingly familiar expressions of modern day troubles for the typical human being.

The haunting beats whistling and swimming beneath his soothing voice, taste like fresh hope. Ejimiwe's abiity to evaporate all cares with his slow rhyming is repeated throughout his music, his voice becomes the emblem of relaxation, an addiction striving for a constant fix of the haunting keys, and his refreshing accent, especially for a Northerner like myself.

Ghostpoet flies the flag for many UK artists fighting to gain recognition within an industry still dominated by gargling Americans drooling for stardom. This guy reminds us that we have exciting talent on our shores that should not be overlooked in favour of a miming dancer. Ghostpoet represents the raw talent expressing topics that enter our own heads on a daily basis, for example, paying those bills, wishing a bad day away, and dwelling on our personal failures. Far from a ghost, Ghostpoet proves that his lyrically tasty focus on every day qualities provide a recognition that is gaining him fans everywhere, and all with a mesmerising soundtrack.

If you haven't heard from Ghostpoet yet, you really need to grab a listen. Just take a seat, get comfy, and let Ghostpoet handle the rest. His debut album 'Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam.' will be your new auditory bible for the perfect anecdote after a days work. And this is not all, his highly anticipated second album is due any time this year.

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